How to make Karaoke Video with Scrolling Lyrics

When you search for the Karaoke version of a piece of music, you almost always get results from videos on YouTube. The characteristic of these karaoke videos is that the words of the song flow dynamically (from bottom to top) and are highlighted in time with the music.

This scrolling lyrics mode certainly makes it easier to read the text and sing. Another element of fundamental importance is the countdown or the progress bar which is activated when there are breaks and helps the singer to start over at the exact moment, avoiding bad impressions.

But how do you create such a karaoke video, that is, with scrolling lyrics and a progress bar, like the one represented in the following figure?

The best software solution to use for making flowing lyrics karaoke videos is Lyric Video Creator. Its operation is simple and intuitive and in the following steps we will describe what they are.

How to make Karaoke Video with Scrolling Lyrics

First download the free trial version of the software on your Windows PC. This demo version allows you to create videos of up to 60 seconds, sufficient to evaluate the quality of the result before upgrading to the PRO version.

Immediately after installation you will see the following main screen:

STEP 1. Import the song into the program

Click on Browse Song at the top to upload the audio file of the backing track.

STEP 2. Set the background (video or image)

Click on VIDEO BACKGROUND to set the background (static or video) of your karaoke file. This background will make the karaoke backing track even more beautiful to look at.

STEP 3. Add lyrics to the video

Go to Google and search for the lyrics to the song. Once you find them, paste them on the right side of the program as shown in the following figure:

Make sure that there are no more than 4-5 words on each line, this will definitely make reading the scrolling words easier.

STEP 4. Synchronize lyrics with music

Press the START button on the left to start playing the song. Simulate singing that song and click SET every time you say a word of the song. Try to be as precise as possible. In case of errors you can redo the synchronization from scratch.

At the end of the synchronization, click on PREVIEW to see the result and how the sliding words appear on the backing track. You will see something like this:

By accessing the program settings you can further customize the result. For example, you can change the video resolution/quality, change the font type and size of the words, change the display and highlight color of the words, set a video or image background other than the default one, etc…

You will also be able to set the number of lines of words to display on the screen, activate/deactivate the display of the progress bar in moments of pause and line up the words as you wish.

STEP 5. Export karaoke videos

When everything is as you wish, click the Create Video button and you can save the karaoke video in AVI or MP4 format to your computer. This created video can be uploaded to YouTube or used with any video player or karaoke player (such as Kanto Karaoke).



3 thoughts on “How to make Karaoke Video with Scrolling Lyrics

  1. John Schultz Reply

    LVC looks absolutely amazing !
    I am having MP3G files (mp3 and cdg) and would like to make MP4 or even try AVI files.
    I would very much like to change both text (as it is very blurry/pixellike) and background – and I would like to make sure that the metadata/tags, like Title, Artist, BPM and more is updated…

    All this is possible in the Lyric Video Editor, right ?

    – or do I have to make NEW text and background, in order for the text to be sharp…?!?
    I am normally a Mac user – does the LVC work on a mac ?
    Thanking you very much in advance.
    kind regards,
    John, Copenhagen

    • admin Post authorReply

      You need to make new text and background….
      Unfortunately mp3g files are not file simple to edit. But with Lyric Video Creator you can use the same mp3 file and then add the new lyrics/background and crate hight quality karaoke video files.

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