Lyric Video Creator Vs Kanto Syncro

Lyric Video Creator is a program developed by the same creators of Kanto Syncro, another very popular program for those looking for a “synchronizer” of texts on music files. The two programs, although very similar in the synchronization mechanism, have substantial differences that make them alternative but at the same time also “integrative” for those looking for a complete and professional solution.

Here is the comparison table of the features of Lyric Video Creator Vs Kanto Syncro

Features Kanto Syncro Lyric Video Creator
Synchronize text in MP3 files
Create high quality Karaoke Video (MP4 or AVI)
Supports Background with static image
Supports Background Video
Supports input Midi or Kar files
Synchronization by word
Video preview window
Create MP3 with Text (readable with programs
like kanto player, winlive, karaoke 5)
Allows to set the number of lyrics
and choose scroll modes
Synchronization optimization
with the “delay” function
Fix synchronization error
Saving project for opening and editing
at any other time
Create MP4 files compatible with any
video playback device
Supports HD video file generation
Create Karaoke Video for Youtube
Free demo version (Trial)
Pricine (lifetime license)   49.95€ + iva    49.00€ + iva

If you already have a Kanto Syncro license and you also want to use the additional features of Lyric Video Creator, contact us and we will send you a 50% discount code for the purchase of Lyric Video Creator.

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